Dedicate to help clients create unique visual display and catch the attention with Weimo quality shimmer wall and sequin wall.

WEIMODECOR creates handcrafted sequin products for high-end and special decoration. We provide solid shimmer wall, sequin panels, grid sequin panels, sequin wall, customized sequin curtain, and sequin curtains to our clients who require the sparkle decorations.

Our goal is to satisfy our customers with high precision and reliable quality to ensure that every customer can feel comfortable and confident with our goods in their applications. Our products extensively find their applications from the market due to nice properties. They have many features that warrant popularization and application.
Best Shimmer wall Supplier-Weimo
Weimo provides different kinds of shimmer wall products, which is different from the wallpaper and mosaic. Shimmer wall consist of sequin panels ,it is dynamic and with the shinning.
China Sequin Wall Panel For Sale manufacturers-Weimodecor
China Sequin Wall Panel For Sale manufacturers-WeimodecorCustomers can count on Weimodecor for product performance.
Ningbo Weimodecor Sequin Wall For Perfect Decoration
WEIMODECOR provides high-quality shimmer wall, sequin wall, sequins panels and sequin curtain with years of experience. CALL US Mobile:+86 13141098257 Tel: +86 574 27866813
3cm Silver Circle Sequin Curtain For Decoration
3cm Silver Circle Sequin Curtain For Decoration
Our Service
Created sequin wall decoration WEIMODECOR make your projects stand out!
1. Turn the mock up design into the Physical display, send the real samples to client for confirmation.
2. After WEIMODECOR got the approval from our client, the entire design concept was finished soon.
3. Create the pixilated design according to the design concept image and give the number to each panel that will make the installation much easier.
4. After all shimmer panels were fixed on the wooden substrate, the entire fire wall come alive with the shiny and brilliant effect.
WEIMODECOR have more than 10 years experience to provide the sequin products for various client and company from all over the world. Our high-quality shimmer product and professional services bring us more and more clients, and pictures were shared to show their joy with us. We are glad to share some of the projects which we were involved in this page.
WEIMODECOR Printing Sequin Wall
Created sequin wall decoration WEIMODECOR make your projects stand out!
How To Remove The Solid Shimmer Panels From The Free Standing Frame
How To Remove The Solid Shimmer Panels From The Free Standing Frame
How To Make A Shimmer Panel
Weimodecor produces high-quality shimmer panels and sequins panels. The products we produced have a long service life, which can be used to make advertising signs, billboards, etc.
Excellent Shimmer Wall Exhibition Decoration
Excellent Shimmer Wall Exhibition Decoration
About Us
Ningbo Weimo Article Co., Ltd.
Is a modern company with INNOVATION, R&D and MANUFACTURING, was found in 2003 and focus on the decoration field. With a number of patented technologies, and own brand with ’WEIMODECOR’.

Since 2005, we have used reflecting sequin discs to create inspiring, eye-catching moving image displays which is really extra-special. We have helped a lot of clients and create their own projects which are truly stunning.
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WEIMODECOR always welcome you to contact for more details about our sequin products. We will provide nice solutions for your projects.